What is Time Finance?

time finance

Time Finance plc is an AIM-listed company that specializes in offering or setting up funding solutions to UK companies looking to acquire the capital they require to accomplish their expansion objectives.

Businesses in the UK have access to a wide range of financing options, including loans, invoice financing, asset financing, and vehicle financing. Time’s finance division has expanded quickly since its debut in 1998, giving £150 million in investment each year to 20,000 UK companies to help them expand.

In the UK, Time Finance has offices in Bath, Cardiff, Abingdon, Manchester, and Warrington. They are honored to receive the 2020 Employer of the Year award.

The Strategy of the company

The time finance Innovative financing options are essential to the expansion of UK firms, and occasionally, traditional banks may be unable to provide assistance.

At TF, they want to help these companies succeed by offering a wide range of financing options that are tailored to their specific requirements.

TF can establish financial agreements with our trusted partners to satisfy your demands when it comes to financing your business. They may provide Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Loans, or Vehicle Finance, among other options.

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Why Choose Time Finance

  • Flexible funding: TF can deliver or arrange funding to satisfy your requirements and support your growth.
  • When you require decisions, local decision-makers will provide them.
  • Proven expertise: the first choice for over 20,000 UK customers.
  • Great to work with: Our approachable and empathetic crew gets things done for you.

How to log in with your account in Time Finance

Just click on this LOGIN and you will be directed to the official website of time finance.





After reviewing many opinions of the customers we have come to the conclusion that the services provided by “Time Finance” are average.

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