Who Authorises Test Purchasing?

who authorises test purchasing

As the name suggests, test purchasing is the act of buying a product or service in order to test its quality. This is usually done by businesses or organizations who want to check if a supplier is providing them with good enough products or services. There are many different ways to go about test purchasing, but in most cases, it will involve hiring someone to pose as a customer and purchase the product or service in question. This person will then report back on their findings so that the business can decide whether or not to continue working with the supplier. So, who authorises test purchasing? Let’s find out!

Who authorises test purchasing?

There are a number of different organizations that may authorise test purchasing. For example, in the UK, the Local Government Association’s Trading Standards Committee authorises local authority trading standards departments to carry out test purchasing.

In other countries, it may be the government’s consumer protection agency that has this authority. In still others, it may be an independent body that is authorised by law to carry out test purchases.

If you are unsure who authorises test purchasing in your country, you can contact your local consumer protection agency for more information.

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How is test purchasing conducted?

When a company wants to find out if its employees are following the correct procedures for purchasing goods and services, it may decide to conduct a test purchase. This is where someone from the company poses as a customer and tries to buy something from the business. The whole process is filmed or recorded so that it can be later analyzed to see if any improvements need to be made.

There are many different ways that test purchases can be conducted, but the most important thing is that it is done in a way that is fair and unbiased. The person carrying out the test purchase should not reveal their identity until after the transaction has been completed. This will ensure that they are treated like any other customer.

Once the test purchase has been made, the footage or recording will be reviewed by management. They will look for any areas where employees could have improved their performance. These findings can then be used to make changes to procedures and training programs, so that future customers have a better experience.


There are many different organizations that authorise test purchasing, but the most common one is the Local Authority Trading Standards (LATS). LATS is responsible for ensuring that businesses are operating legally and fairly, and they use test purchasing to investigate businesses that may be breaking the law. If you’re ever unsure about a business, it’s always worth checking with LATS to see if they have authorised test purchases in the past.

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