What is LH Trading & What You Need To Know

lh trading

Holcim Trading or LH trading is the leader in the seaborne trading of cementitious products.

They provide solutions for the import and export needs of cementitious materials, gypsum, solid fuels, and other dry bulk goods and support their customers with adequate services to develop their market.

Services of LH or HOLCIM TRADING

  • Securing Group’s long-term Mineral Components and Raw Materials needs, for business continuity, cost optimization, and enabling the net-zero pledge
  • Maximize value creation by commercializing internationally Value Added Products and strategic Raw Materials
  • Implement Value Added Solutions, leveraging G assets as distribution hubs and optimizing import & export logistics

Things you should know about LH Trading

1. LH trading is formerly known as Holcim trading which is part of the Holcim Group

2. Products were shipped in bulk, bag, jumbo bag, and container.

3. Dilevered on FOB, CFR, CIF, or Onsite.

4. They use customized shipping solutions.

5. They offer long-term collaboration for customers.

6. They are quite innovative, affordable, and professional.

7. They provide 24/5 Operational support.

8. Expert in all materials.

9. LH Trading provides support on terminal development projects, including:
      – Floating terminals
      – Ship-to-ship transfer
      – Floating pipelines

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Heath and Safety at LH Trading

  • At Holcim Trading or (LH Trading) They want to do more than just prevent accidents, they want to create a healthy and safe environment for all
  • Health & Safety is embedded in everything they do when it comes to our customers, in delivering results, working with integrity, leading sustainability, and ultimately caring for people
  • They maintain a global Health & Safety Management System designed to continually improve our performance and actively manage risk in our business
  • They communicate openly with all stakeholders on relevant health and safety issues

More details about LH trading or Holcim Trading

1. Headquarters: 2655 LeJeune Rd, Ste 606, Miami, Florida, 33134, United States2. Phone:(305) 213-5344

2. Phone: (305) 213-5344

3. Website: www.lhtrading.com

4. Employees: 56

5. Revenue: $10 Million

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