How to Delete Depop Account

How to Delete Depop Account

If You want to delete your depop account you came to the right place, today in this article I will tell you the most straightforward way by which you can delete your depop account.

Let me tell you some detail about depop first, Depop app is a mobile app that allows users to buy and sell clothing. It's popular with young people and is known for its vintage and streetwear. 

People usually sell clothing accessories and other items and also promote them on social media.

Depop has been growing in popularity in recent years with more and more people using it to find unique items of clothing. The company has also been expanding its reach with plans to launch in new markets such as Japan and South Korea.

Please read the below text before deletion:

"Please note that you are still liable to complete or refund any outstanding sales. Not doing so may impact any Depop accounts you may open in the future. If you have any open disputes please ensure they are resolved before closing your account".

So If you are ready to proceed, let's begin.

Send Them a Request

The easiest way to delete a depop account is by filling out a form available on depop's own website. You can submit them a request for deleting your account.

Link to The form- Send Request To us!

Steps to Fill the Form:

  • First Select Account issue in the first collum.
  • Then type your email address used to create depop account in the second section.
  • Then Select " I want to delete my account" in the "What is the issue?" section.
  • Then Provide your depop username in the username section.
  • Then Provide the Reason for deletion in the next section.
  • Then add some more details about your deletion in the description.
  • You can also attach some screenshots of your account if you want to, but it is not necessary.
  • Then click on submit button to send the request.

Note: Depop is currently experiencing high volumes of support requests so be patient it can take a few days for their replay but it will surely come.

Send Email

Another way of deleting a depop account is by sending them a mail for the account deletion.

Send them a deletion mail to with proper deletion details and include your username. It may take up to 7 days to process your request and then your account will be deleted.

After Some days you will get an email telling you that your account has been successfully closed.

Note: Use email associated with your account to send the deletion request.

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Why Depop app is so Popular?

The app is most popular with Gen Z and millennials who make up the majority of its user base. Depop is popular because it's a convenient way to buy and sell items it's easy to use and there are no fees for sellers.

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